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Real Estate Property Management

Real Estate Property Managment

Real estate property management can be very difficult. Here is a quick story of a client from a property that we recently took over.

My client called me today, and we had been in touch previously based on the lack of management his current real estate property management company was doing. He had a contract with the previous real estate property management company.  The investor wanted to honor his contract and hold through until the contract was over.  Then he would have Synergy Property Management take over the property.

A few months pass, and I get an email from this same client asking me to call him as soon as I can.  I made the phone call, the client proceeded to angrily tell me that he would be getting out of his current contract immediately, even though he would incur a pretty hefty fine. According to this client, the previous real estate property management company had rented one of his units to a low income tenant. He was not very happy about this.  However, it would be a guaranteed payment, so he would not have to worry about rental income coming in. The property was supposed to be inspected every six months.  When it was he received photographs of a unit that was still clean and tidy.

It is important to make sure your property management company is taking care of your renters and property!

However, a few months after this event, he was told that he now had a pest problem. Not only did he have a pest problem, but the unit in which they were coming from was in horrible shape according to the real estate property management company. The problem was so bad that the pests had infiltrated the remaining 3 units.  Now he had one more tenant was going to leave. Therefore, he asked Synergy Property Management to take over the property. He wanted us to take control of the property once more. On top of all of this, the client said that the vacancy that was filled was after being vacant for 3 months.

At Synergy Property Management, we aim to never have this story be one that our clients can tell. We aim to take such good care of the properties we manage, that our clients would not think of referring their friends, family, and coworkers to a different real estate property management company.


Until Next Time,


Sanjeev (Sunny) Advani

– Real Estate Agent / Property Management / Investment



Real Property Management Bakersfield

Real Property Management Bakersfield

Are you looking for real property management Bakersfield? Do you own investment property? Synergy can help you!

Value Proposition

At Synergy, we are looking to provide our clients with the highest long-term returns, with the most hands off management experience possible. Some way we make sure that we can help are:

  • Technology enabled experience – 24/7 Portal access
  • Low management fees – We only collect a management fee on rents collected
  • Market knowledge – Bakersfield native
  • Analysis – We can help you analyze which property could be best for your next investment

Real property management Bakersfield is what we do at Synergy, and we like to provide our clients with the best experience possible.

Commercial Property Management

Do you own a commercial property that needs to be turned around and leased, and possibly managed better? We can help with that as well, from analysis to determine the best strategy to reposition the building, to the leasing and screening of new tenants, we aim to take the hassles out of commercial property management. Do your CAM charges need to be updated and reconciled? Synergy helps with that as well.

We aim to make real property management Bakersfield an easy and smooth process for the landlords in today’s environment. We will communicate and make the best decisions for yourself and your property. Synergy prospers with our clients growth.

Thanks for your time,

Sanjeev (Sunny) Advani

– Property Management / Investment / Agent

Property Management Bakersfield CA

             Property management Bakersfield CA, is not just a luxury, but it is also a service that can help you with return on investment. Everyone buys their investment property for profit, whether that profit is appreciation, rental income, mortgage pay down, or a combination of these factors. The best way to increase your income on properties is to make sure that your property is constantly in the best possible condition to receive the top of market rents.

If you are working a full time job and saving up money to buy your next property, or if you are aging and getting tired of taking care of your property then it may be time for property management Bakersfield CA. It can be difficult to set aside the time to keep up with your property correctly if it is not your main focus, and when that happens you may start to have problems with the tenants or keeping the property at the top of the market.

Another strategy that we try to employ is getting our clients ready to position their properties for sale. If you have a property that you do not want to keep any more, property management Bakersfield CA, starts working on optimizing that property for sale. It can take some time to set up the property for the correct condition. It may be as low as a few months, but all the way up to a few years.

Property management Bakersfield CA is very useful because it can help free up your time for things that you may deem more important, it can help you set up your property for sale and bring you the highest price possible, and it can help you earn more profit. On top of that, our property management in Bakersfield CA is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your property, and we love to help our clients!


  • Sanjeev (Sunny) Advani
  • Property Management / Realtor / Investment

Bakersfield Property Management – Worth it?

In Bakersfield property management is a good service to have. Why would you want a property management company? If you have one or two properties it could be pretty easy to handle depending on the type of property and the type of tenants you have, but have you really done the research on the tenants renting your homes? Do you know if they have bankruptcies, have been kicked out of previous rentals, evictions? A property management service can help with that.

In Bakersfield property management we also tend to have properties that will deteriorate. These properties are older and can need maintenance. There are some landlords that will let the property go and just get whatever rent they can, but this does not optimize your rental to get the most rent possible. Our property management service will help our owners keep their property in good working order to be able to achieve the highest market rents.

When tenants live in a property, there are many things that can go wrong. For example, the tenant can break the stove, back up a toilet, have a leak. Most tenants will call even if there are minor problems, which they could probably fix themselves. Do you have the time to go out and fix all of these problems? Would you want to walk your tenant through fixing a basic problem? Our property management service can help you with these problems.

In Bakersfield property management is a service that is very needed. Even if you have the time to take care of the property yourself, there may be lag time in getting quality tenants due to lack of knowledge on marketing. You may not receive the best leads because your property is not priced correctly, and our company will help with Bakersfield property management pricing.


If you have further questions, we would love to help!


  • Sanjeev (Sunny) Advani
  • Property Management/ Real Estate/ Investments

Bakersfield Property Management Needed or Not?


Rentals are fast becoming the largest part of the housing markets. Demographics are showing that people are less likely to buy and more likely to rent, while also showing that affordable housing is becoming less available. In California, the median price of a home is over $500,000 while in the more affordable Bakersfield market, the housing price is much more affordable at around $220,000. Even then a majority of people are moving to renting.

Property management is a large part of the rental economy because it can definitely help grow your portfolio and with a professional property management company, you can even increase your ROI versus self-management.

In Bakersfield, there are a lot of investors that will manage their own properties, and that is a great strategy if you have the time and money, however, with a Property Management Company the fee can be nominal. Right now, we are charging only if rental income is collected, and we will waive our fees if no rental income is collected. On top of that, we will manage all repairs and even before we start charging our management fees. In Bakersfield, this is a great deal, and can definitely free up some much needed time for family, church, or even just some relaxation.


– Sanjeev (Sunny) Advani

Property Management / Real Estate / Investment