Real Property Management Bakersfield

Are you looking for real property management Bakersfield? Do you own investment property? Synergy can help you!

Value Proposition

At Synergy, we are looking to provide our clients with the highest long-term returns, with the most hands off management experience possible. Some way we make sure that we can help are:

  • Technology enabled experience – 24/7 Portal access
  • Low management fees – We only collect a management fee on rents collected
  • Market knowledge – Bakersfield native
  • Analysis – We can help you analyze which property could be best for your next investment

Real property management Bakersfield is what we do at Synergy, and we like to provide our clients with the best experience possible.

Commercial Property Management

Do you own a commercial property that needs to be turned around and leased, and possibly managed better? We can help with that as well, from analysis to determine the best strategy to reposition the building, to the leasing and screening of new tenants, we aim to take the hassles out of commercial property management. Do your CAM charges need to be updated and reconciled? Synergy helps with that as well.

We aim to make real property management Bakersfield an easy and smooth process for the landlords in today’s environment. We will communicate and make the best decisions for yourself and your property. Synergy prospers with our clients growth.

Thanks for your time,

Sanjeev (Sunny) Advani

– Property Management / Investment / Agent

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